You are welcome to join the Gay Spirit Visions Facebook group!

This Facebook group has several hundred members. Some contribute to the dialog regularly, while many others observe. The group is open to all men who wish to discuss and explore the many facets of gay and bisexual male lives and spirituality. Some of the group members have attended numerous GSV conferences, retreats or local events and have known each other for years or even decades. Others have only met via the Internet. Please notes below regarding membership, posting guidelines, and privacy.

"Gay Spirit Visions" is a closed group. Send your request for membership from the group's
Facebook page.

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Privacy Notes

Gay Spirit Visions is a closed Facebook group. That means everyone on Facebook who does a search on the group can see the name and members of the group, but only group members can view content in the group.

When non-friends are in the same group as you, this does not allow them to see any more of your profile (timeline) information than your privacy settings allow.

Facebook changes privacy procedures often. It is to your benefit to understand how Facebook works and how Facebook privacy modifications might affect the privacy of your participation in the Gay Spirit Visions Facebook group.

Remember that all content posted on Facebook is the property of Facebook.

Guidelines for postings/Participating in safe space

GSV welcomes men from all spiritual paths and our goal is to create safe space for men to interact – even in cyberspace. Your cooperation is needed to accomplish this, so please read the following guidelines and expectations:

• Treat each member and his beliefs with the same respect that you would expect from him.
• Ask questions rather than making assumptions about others.
• Avoid preaching, proselytizing or attempting to convert others to your beliefs.
• Own your feelings and trust that it is better to be direct about them than to use inference or snide remarks.
• Harsh or vulgar public condemnation of others or any denigrating of another's belief system, will not be tolerated
• Consider the types of pictures you post. A good guideline is to post only photos of a sexual nature that relate to your spirituality in some way. Keep in mind that men in this group come from various sexual backgrounds and experiences, and a photo you post may have an impact or cause offense in ways you had not intended, for example, by someone who has been sexually abused.
• Maintain a sense of humor, especially about yourself and the issues that tend to make you angry or defensive.
• If a message evokes a strong reaction in you, consider waiting a day or two before responding to it.
• Keep your posts as short, simple and focused as possible.
• While the bulk of the postings here are related to matters of Spirit and Heart - frequently in the form of personal experiences and questions - feel free to post humor, poetry, political information, or anything that somehow touches your heart.
• Please do not repeatedly post messages that are commercial in nature.
• Feel free to reply directly to someone's post via Facebook messaging rather than to the Facebook group. However, DO NOT MAKE PRIVATE EMAIL EXCHANGES PUBLIC WITHOUT THE PERMISSION OF THE AUTHOR!
Joining the group

To join the Gay Spirit Visions Facebook group, prospective members can make a request to join by searching for the group and clicking the request membership button. A GSV Brother serving as the group administrator will approve or decline the application.

Group members can also add their friends. However, GSV strongly recommends against this because of privacy concerns. If you add a friend, the action will show on the friend’s wall unless he has his own privacy settings set to prohibit such postings. This works just like the process to tag a picture, where someone’s wall shows pictures in which someone else tagged him unless his security prohibits this. Above all, GSV wants to make the Facebook group as safe a place as possible for all Brothers, regardless of their own circumstances regarding privacy.

Guidelines for Facebook group membership

Since the Gay Spirit Visions organization has no formal membership process, there are few reasons why an administrator of the Gay Spirit Visions Facebook group would not admit someone making a request for Facebook group membership.

Keep in mind, though, that spammers, prospective employers, or other people trolling Facebook may request admission. Administrators try to determine if a request is from a spammer, but this is difficult to do. People abusing the Facebook group in such ways will be removed once identified.

If group administrators feel that a subscriber is doing anything to threaten or damage the safety of our membership or the quality of our communications, that member will be contacted privately with an explanation of our concerns and we will work to resolve the problem amicably and expeditiously. GSV reserves the right to exclude the postings of any individual who, in our opinion, has violated the safety of the Facebook group, used it for gratuitous commercial purposes, or regularly behaved in a manner that is inconsistent with the spirit of this space. If you have questions or comments, write to